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Parking at Hotel

Hotel Vianen has a parking lot with 650 parking spaces. The first five hours of parking are always free on our grounds! Regular parking is charged at €3 per hour, with a maximum daily rate of €18.

Reserving a parking space and/or parking space for electric charging in advance is not possible.

If you book an overnight stay, you will receive a free exit card after your stay, with which you can park free of charge.

  • For guests attending a conference or meeting, we offer a parking pass by car.
  • In combination with a restaurant or hotel bar visit, we also offer a free parking pass. Available at the reception desk.
  • Parking at Hotel Vianen is at your own risk.


In addition to our regular parking lot, we also have an overflow parking lot, located across from the regular entrance. As many as 200 additional parking spaces are available here. On busy days, we make sure you can use this convenient facility here as well. In this way, we strive to meet your parking needs at all times and make your visit to Hotel Vianen as smooth as possible.

Public transportation

Public transportation

Tip from us: Consider traveling by public transportation. Thanks to the proximity to Vianen bus station (within walking distance), you can travel to our location quickly and easily. It not only promotes sustainability, but also the convenience of your trip to our hotel.

Let's Reload

Let's Reload

It is possible to charge your car at one of our electric charging stations. We have 16 electric charging points. The charging points have a capacity of 11 Kw.

AC connection (e.g. Renault Zoë, Tesla Model S).
CCS connection (e.g. Tesla Model 3, BMW i3 and Volkswagen E-Golf).