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House rules

The following rules are in place to ensure your safety, security and comfort. Please take the time to read them. If you have any suggestions or complaints feel free to contact the management.

General Rules

  • In case of fire always remain calm. Report the fire to the reception and/or break the glass in the nearest fire alarm.
  • Leave the building immediately in case of a fire alarm.
  • Do not use the lift in case of a fire alarm. Leave the building using the stairs. Follow the exit signs which are clearly marked.
  • We can only accept a Hotel reservation from over 18 year olds. A valid passport or identity card must be presented to our staff when you check in.
  • A CCTV system operates within this Hotel. Please note the recordings of the system may be used by third parties if requested.
  • Lost property: please hand any item found to the reception.
  • The hotel cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of your belongings.
  • The management, owner or employees of the hotel cannot be held responsible for any injuries, damage or losses to guests during the stay.

It is not allowed to:

  • Use the emergency exits to enter or leave the Hotel without an emergency.
  • Take any Hotel property outside of the Hotel. Any damage to Hotel property will be charged for.
  • To have, use or sell prohibited drugs or substances.
  • nitrous oxide patterns in the room.
  • Cause any inconvenience by playing loud music or offensive or unacceptable behaviour.
  • To smoke anywhere in the Hotel. In case we notice that if there has been smoked in the room, you will get a penalty of € 175,00.
  • Stay with more than two people in the room. (except for our family rooms)
  • Receiving other guests in the room.
  • Receiving guests in the room for the purpose of sexual commercial activities.
  • In any case which has not been mentioned or provided for in the above rules, the hotels decision is final.

  • The management and staff of the hotel would like to wish you a safe and pleasant stay at our hotel.