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The best location for every occasion
The best location for every occasion

Your possibilities at Hotel Vianen

In this overview you will find available setups with the capacity. If you have specific questions regarding the layout of the room, such as dimensions, voltage and available equipment, we will gladly provide you with the room specifications per room.

Bekijk hier de plattegrond van onze zalen op de begane grond.

New York---400700600850,0 m²
Montreal-6080300350350400,0 m²
San Francisco-4040100150100160,0 m²
San Francisco 1-25305070-80,0 m²
San Francisco 2-25305070-80,0 m²
Chicago-4040100150100160,0 m²
Chicago 1-25305070-80,0 m²
Chicago 2-25305070-80,0 m²
Manhattan14-----36,0 m²

Bekijk hier de plattegrond van onze zalen op de 2e etage.

Londen 1-4040110150150250,0 m²
Londen 2-263060100100200,0 m²
Londen 3-4-3030608050160,0 m²
Parijs-3040115150175175,0 m²

Bekijk hier de plattegrond van de zalen op de 3e etage.

Brussel-4040100100100180,0 m2
Brussel 1-20263040-50,0 m2
Brussel 2-2640656070130,0 m²
Istanbul-20263040-60,0 m²
Singapore-20263040-60,0 m²
Washington-20263040-60,0 m²
Tokyo--16---40,0 m²
Rome12-----35,0 m²
Milaan12-----35,0 m²
Wenen12-----35,0 m²
Athene12-----35,0 m²

Meeting setups

  • U vorm

    U vorm

    A U-shape setup is suitable from 10 people up to 30 people.

  • Cabaret


    A Cabaret setup is one table with multiple chairs around it. The amount of chairs can vary from 4 till 7.

  • Theater


    A theater setup is a setup without tables.

  • Boardroom


    Our boardrooms have one table in the middle with comfortable chairs around it. Suitable from 2 till 12 persons.

  • School


    A school setup is multiple tabels next to each other in rows. Normally we have 2 chairs each table.

  • Diner


    With a dinner set-up we place round tables covered with linen. We place up to 8-10 chairs per table around the tables.

  • Receptie


    An arrangement in which standing tables are placed. This can be expanded with a few seats if necessary.